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About Mosaist 1.0

Mosaist is a mosaic maker that is written in HTML, CSS and JS. It uses modern web technologies such as HTML 5 or CSS 3. It allows you to put pictures, text, or even HTML for endless possibilities.



Q : My creation doesn't display properly

A : Update your browser.

Q : Why did editing my creation change the style a little bit ?

A : Each version might change default layout style. Editing an older mosaic in a newer version will adapt to the newer version, and will update the base styling. If you don't like the change, you still can customize the style using themes.

Q : Why did my browser crash when I tried to export my creation ?

A : Images are data 64 encoded, and data 64 is really long text, so your browser might not be able to process your creation if there are too much images. We'll find a better way in the future to store pictures.



Use a custom stylesheet instead of the default stylesheet

This tab allows you to add freestyle HTML for more possibilities.